Arnaud Meng

Arnaud MENG is a computational biology student, who obtained in May 2014 a IFD (Institut de Formation Doctorale) doctoral grant.  He started his Ph.D. in October 2014, and will work at the IBPS until September 2017  supervised by Dr. Stéphane Le Crom and Dr. Lucie Bittner, in co-supervision with Dr. Fabrice Not (CNRS researcher, Marine Biological Station (SBR), Roscoff, France).  His research focuses on the study of symbiosis in marine plankton by transcriptomic and meta-transcriptome approaches. His researches are based on de novo transcriptome assembly of non-model organisms using data from next-generation sequencing technologies.  He therefore contributes to the establishment of bioinformatics tools and of a friendly-user pipeline for transcriptome assembly and analysis, in order to explore the genomic data of organisms for which our knowledge is limited.