Tara Oceans Science May 2015


A serie of publications revealing part of the data from the Tara Oceans expeidtion (2009-2012) has just been published in the journal Science.

Radiolaria are all over the place !! check out the abstracts by clicking on the journal's cover

Upcoming InterRad 14th Meeting

The next meeting of the Radiolarists community is approaching....

Check out more @ http://interrad2015.org/

What is Renkan ?

Renkañ is the word for organizing, ordering, in Breton language. The Renkañ application is used by the planktonic symbiosis research team at the Station Biologique de Roscoff to organize and share information on Radiolarians specimens available in the lab. Samples are composed mainly of single cells collected and isolated worldwide before to be processed in the lab. Information on collection procedures, location, morphology and molecular markers are provided for each specimen.......